Sunday, 1 September 2013

Anti Denim 666 Frames - 'Beckoned'

A touch darker than usual. An image I created for an open project run by Anti Denim.
666 frames - each artist draws one frame, they are played back as a video.  I drew over frame no. 340.
Go check it out and get involved -
The snap of dry rope around leathery necks, the wet slapping of freshly released entrails; these things
were but light percussion for the hellish din reverberating from the centre of this vast carrion choked
sacrificial ground. Rotanus the cruel ├ębenos demon had been successfully summoned from within the
dankest of unfathomable bowels. The seven cloaked figures hailing from the claustrophobic pitch black
of the deathliest dimensions were children before her. Each of them secretly prayed that fate would grant
them another breath to savour on this most glorious day.

All line-work created using ink pens on paper. Tones and colour done in PhotoShop with custom brushes. 

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